Welcome back to another episode of Student of the Game Podcast! This episode features Tatum Mack (@tatum_mack on Instagram). He’s a successful software developer creating the next generation of AI for businesses in order to consolidate all of the programs and processes they have in place. A streamlined AI for the future!

We also ended up talking about podcasting in general and we’d like to apologize because that isn’t normally the route we go on this podcast. However, we also want to say it’s still good info for anyone looking to begin their podcast journey. Tatum was genuinely interested and therefore Skye wanted to tell him as much about it as possible.

Please don’t forget to check out his instagram and feel free to ask us questions below in the comments! You never know, it might spark a follow up podcast in order to ask him more about his ideas.

If you’d like to be featured on our podcast or have serious inquiries, please reach out to our email kevin@elevate1media.com

  • Tatum – https://www.instagram.com/tatum_mack/
  • Podcast – https://www.instagram.com/elevate1media/